is this thing on?

i felt my first earthquake yesterday (it was first reported as a 5.8 later downgraded to a 5.4). it wasn’t as scary as i thought it would be. i suppose if it had caused damage my ass would’ve been all drama queenish, but it didn’t so i didn’t.

as i was trying to sleep i heard a loud f-ing noise around midnight. it was a helicopter going back and forth above my apartment, with it’s search light on of course. this is LA so i just assumed it was a high-speed chase.

that’s so LA…

and i’m not.

i live in LA but hate to admit it. i don’t even try to fit in with all the sculpted bodies (thanks in part to many cosmetic surgeries), gang violence (gangs are so 1980s!), and self-centered attitudes (you bitches know who you are…you’d be the ones too self-involved to read my shiz).

welcome to my world!


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