hiv/aids news

the latimes takes a look at mexico’s hiv-positive orphans

hiv drug nevirapine (widely used to prevent transmission of HIV from mothers to babies) might spur drug resistant strains of the virus

UN secretary general ban ki-moon wants all countries that ban hiv travelers (from entering their countries) to lift the ban. he said the restrictions “should fill us with shame.” ban ki-moon praises the united states for lifting the ban on hiv travelers (entering the country)

researchers focus on giving drugs to those at risk to block hiv infections

annie lennox urges world leaders to not slow progress on hiv research. states that africa’s aids crisis is “similar to horror of nazi concentration camps”

former president bill clinton said nations fighting aids need to reform their health-care systems to reach high-risk groups neglected during the past quarter century

chicago tribune takes a look at the growing aids crisis in afghanistan


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