tracking prop 8

today we have two very different stories regarding prop 2. one is sort of a positive (i guess) the other is the same old tired rhetoric. first up…

-the following story comes as no surprise to me, but sad nonetheless. it’s a battle between holding society back and moving forward. is this the same catholic church best known for producing (and hiding) child molesters?!?

California’s Roman Catholic bishops are urging parishioners to support a fall ballot measure that seeks to overturn the court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in the state… the bishops say their position is based partly on the presumption that while all people deserve to be treated with dignity, being raised by a married mother and father is “the ideal for the well being of children.”

-i suppose this is good news…for those who have already gotten married (if the discriminatory ban ends up passing)

If voters approve a ballot measure banning same-sex marriages in California, thousands of gay and lesbian weddings conducted since the state Supreme Court legalized the unions will probably remain valid, Attorney General Jerry Brown said Monday.”

***if you believe that love conquers hate. if you believe in a better tomorrow. if you believe in an america (and a california) where love between two people is honored. if you believe in human dignity…vote no on 8


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