weekend tidbits

judge upholds summary of calif. gay marriage ban

executive director of altanta pride is leaving…decisions were ‘mutual’

HRC equality weekend comes to south florida

Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho will return to court Sept. 10 in an attempt to withdraw his guilty plea

andrew sullivan read the OUT mag article we linked to…seems to agree with it

john edwards admits to affair

soap opera weekly editor carolyn hinsey fired, people are happy because she was a bitch


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One response to “weekend tidbits

  1. Considering that ProtectMarriage.com has decided NOT to appeal the ballot language, what chance do you really see for Prop 8 to pass? I just don’t see a majority of Californians voting YES on a proposition titled ELIMINATES RIGHT OF SAME-SEX COUPLES TO MARRY.

    Once the churches realize that Prop 8 is an almost guaranteed loser, are they going to do the right thing and let their members know?

    If not, what happens after Prop 8 loses 40-60 (or worse), and then the members find out that the churches were privy all along to internal polling that predicted a crushing defeat? Do the members get their money back?

    Or do they get stuck paying for ads that were run by a campaign that knew it was going to lose but ran them anyway!

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