gives $$$ to mccain

i previously mentioned out magazine’s fantastic article “has manunt destroyed gay culture.” in the article we found out that one of the owners of is a republican (jonathan crutchley). according to gay blogger towelroad mr crutchley has given $2,300 to the john mccain’s campaign for president. mr crutcley says, “i believe mccain will be a better commander-in-chief than obama, who also opposes gay marriage. if we have an experienced, seasoned person defending the country in this dangerous age, we will be able to argue about the gay agenda later.”

you can decide for yourself if you want to continue to fund mccain, via your manhunt subscription. i hear is hurting bad



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6 responses to “ gives $$$ to mccain

  1. fixator

    This once again show how certain members of the gay community can be totally self defeating.

  2. Wouldn´t it be a hoot if the donation was meant to create a HUGE MEDIA circus to:
    1) Create publicity for the site and drive traffic to it…
    2) Embarrass the hell out of McCain´t (all, let´s start referring to McCain as “McCain´t” … I digressed… sorry)

    But unfortunately, this isn´t the case. I am embarassed that my recent $30 paymet for unlimited updates is going to help pay for this donation. ARGH!!! go to my manhunt URL now (above… cuz, i´m cancelling my account soon)

  3. Keith Brown

    I assure you the money sent from Crutchley of came out of his own pocket. As I write this now the owner of is tearing a new a-hole out of Crutchley. Larry Basile, the president and owner of is a stanch supporter of Obama. He even dons himself in Obama attire.

  4. XManhunter

    Yes, I too have closed my account, I’m now rooting for a new site that friends recommended to me I’ll sit tight thee and see what happens. Ive been telling all my MH friends to meet me there.

    The thing angered me the most was the fact that people were all saying he made a personal contribution, but if you look up the contribution you clearly see he posted his position ad the chair of Online Buddies.

  5. I have deleted my McCainhunt profile. That company pretended to be pro gay while one of its owners has been promoting discrimination and violence against us.

  6. yazoos sucks anyways, practically 70% of guys on it are HIV poz. Adam4adam and Craigslist are way better and free! Nobody I know age 20-40 use anymore

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