sex with men but still hetero

we’ve all seen the ads “str8 guy needs great cocksucker” or “handsome masculine married irish guy seeks one or two hung married irish buddies who want head and maybe more.” however the thing many of us didn’t know is that in many cases the guys who say they are straight…really are! the article “straight men who have sex with me” in the la weekly looks at the reasons why hetero men get it on with other guys. sometimes it’s the need to just get off with no whining and dinning of the opposite sex. other times it’s reenacting earlier years of sexual abuse. the most common reason, other than to orgasm, seems to be due in large part because men aren’t really allowed to be have deep connections with other men. it’s an interesting article.


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  1. Beautiful article. And a very complicated issue in a society like ours. The article states 3 million straight men have sex with other men. It doesn’t mention how many keep these urges bottled up inside. My guess–many, many more. Men have an inherent desire for a connection with another male, and I believe in many cases this also means an intimate connection. They recognized and accepted it in past civilizations; maybe the day will come we will, too.
    Martin Brant
    Author of Five Married Men

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