it’s been a slow start to the week (and it’s only tuesday). i suppose i’m still a little tired from the weekend.

the democratic convention has started, joe biden has joined the obama ticket and hillary is going to give a speech tonight at the convention (bill will give one tomorrow night). we’ll see how it all plays out. did anyone see michelle obama’s speech last night? i must admit i did not. i am still not completely on board with obama (but will vote for him) so i figured there was no reason to watch the convention (especially last night). i will probably watch hillary tonight and barrack’s speech. otherwise, i don’t care that much. i do have to say i fear the democrats may loose…i mean biden wasn’t exactly an exciting choice. i’m not saying he should’ve picked hillary (although i do think it would’ve given him a bump)…


in arkansas a measure to ban gays from adoption has made the ballot

will latinos decide the fate of prop 8 in california?

an update on the san diego gay pride go-go dancer death…“examiners “detected the presence of methamphetamine, doxylamine, and trace ketamine in his blood.”

according to wehonews obama leads mccain 68-10 in recent lgbt poll

latimes, “’s gay republican vicitim: jonathan crutchley discovers how intolerant the gay community can be.”


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